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At Alphablocks, we are anchored in the belief that the future unfolds in the steps we take today.
Join us to transform e-commerce, empowering teams worldwide by integrating tomorrow's innovations today. We provide rapid career growth in a dynamic entrepreneurial setting, competitive salaries, and standard remote work, allowing flexibility in how you work.

Skilled in NextJS and React, with expertise in state management and developing component-based architectures

Proficient in managing multi-tenant databases, creating REST/ GraphQL APIs, and microservices backend architectures

Strong background in marketing B2B SaaS products, with a focus on community engagement in SaaS space

Prior experience working with software teams in selling SaaS to e-commerce clients

Background in designing for B2B SaaS products with focus on problems such as user workflows and setup

Strong background in managing social media marketing and community on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram

Strong background in designing for SaaS products, marketing materials and websites

Curious, Fast learner with extensive project experience with NextJS and React

Curious, Fast learner with extensive project experience with Python, Django and microservices

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