Introducing the Notion Integration

Notion is a leading connected workspace platform embraced by organizations worldwide. Notion's versatility is unmatched—it seamlessly handles everything from document management and project tracking to CRMs and calendars.

For those in e-commerce, Notion's capabilities are particularly compelling. It allows for streamlined management of internal documentation, FAQs, and customer inquiries. What's more, with Asa's Notion integration, customer support with Asa becomes even more powerful. This integration ensures that all customer-facing information your Asa assistant’s trained on is up-to-date, by pulling the latest data directly from Notion.

Getting started with Notion Integration

Integrating Notion with Asa can significantly enhance how you manage and update your customer support content. Here's a quick overview of the steps involved:

  1. Access Integration Settings: Go to the 'Import content' tab on your client dashboard.
  2. Choose Notion: Within the 'Add Sources' section, select the 'Integrations' tab, and then click the 'connect' button to link your Notion account.
  3. Select Pages: Authorize access and choose the specific Notion pages you want to import content from.
  4. Train Asa: After selecting your pages, you'll have the option to choose subpages for more detailed training. Hit 'train' to begin.
  5. Monitor Progress: You can view the training progress in real-time by visiting the 'Integrations' tab under the 'Trained sources' section.
  6. Update Content: To update training on existing pages, simply click the Sync icon on your Notion card and select the pages you need to retrain.
  7. Add New Pages: For new pages added after the initial setup, you will need to reconnect your Notion account by using the dropdown that indicates a 'connected' status on your Notion card.

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide on each of this, check out our detailed Notion Integration guide.

This integration streamlines your workflow by ensuring your Asa setup is continuously synced with the most current content from your Notion workspace, making it easier to maintain up-to-date and effective customer support information.

What’s Next

The ability to import content directly from Notion for training is just the beginning. We are diligently working to expand the capabilities of our Notion integration with Asa AI. Soon, you will be able to update content, take actions, and generate insights directly into Notion. This enhanced functionality aims to streamline your workflow and empower you with smarter, AI-driven customer support operations, all from one convenient platform. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

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